My new friend at work, who obviously will be my new best friend, drew this for me as a present. She’s amazing. Friday we were joking around how I’m her imaginary best friend like a mixture of Wilfred and a Naga. Nagas are Indian mythical creatures - half human half snake (can morph into fully either) they protect their loved ones, can be a bit mischievous and have tons of beautiful stories about these demi-gods. I love Nagas. Thanks Sheetal you are amazing. <3

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Soon we’ll have same. (cousin of string bean/snow pea)

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Our happy #garden is blooming goodies. #karela (bittermelon) #green. Told ya’ll we had magical south american super powers ;)

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Watching the rain fall with my plant…

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#rubberbandball #officeart

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My plant at work!!

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Bestie brought over #cupcakes from #sweetrevenge. I love my besties/brother from another mother <3. Good food can definitely fix my woes.

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New office information posters… I guess this place is getting cooler.

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Just some freshly brewed lime wash

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